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    Nov 9, 2004
    Well that’s what you get from a fan base that waited 9 @$#% years for a third installment & when a company finally announces that they will do it and say nothing about the development or ideas you’d be fucking rigid too.

    ~Lewdness = Preoccupied with sex and sexual desire~

    WTF, I know they want to reach a larger audience ,but the majority of the people that will actually buy your game are old fan of the franchise that must be in there 30's or near by now so cut the crap .I don’t want to play a kinder garden version of the game.

    -Free roaming is all good
    -first person...I doubt that Bethesda are that fucking stupid.
    -More dialogue, violence & grit...The contrary would have been surprising.
    -Elder Scrolls...I don’t give a flying fuck about it, this is about Fallout 3.

    Trust me I will play the shit out of that game good or bad! I have been patiently waiting for a couple of years for this moment.

    These are my personal opinions & don’t reflect the opinions of the people on this board.
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    Jul 5, 2003
    Ugh. He's saying that the sexual emphasis that existed in Fallout 2 won't be there, because it was overdone. Not that there won't be any sexuality.
    That's pretty dumb.

    Don't use colours, they're really annoying.
  3. NCR_Ranger

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    Jul 11, 2003
    Well, I'm certainly no expert in video games, but I don't see why you believe Fallout will be all those negative things. I have developed a fetish for the Fallouts of the past, as so many of you have, yet I am open to experiencing Fallout in a different way. I doubt I will ever enjoy it as much as my original experience. I accept that and am ready to move on.

    A game can be isometric/turn based and still be boring. Fallout is many other things. There are many ways in which the developers can succeed. That I am sure of... I am not here to prove a point though. If you believe Fallout to be dead, move on my friend...

  4. Frog

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    Jul 25, 2003
    it would be nice tough if developers succeed in as many ways as possible ... from the bits of info we got it almost looks like in many ways they'd choose not to.
  5. Thanakir

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    Mar 21, 2007
    That's not what he said, he said that SOME people will never even give the game a try and will still hate it (without playing it to start with), not that if you hate it it's because you didnt play it.
    And I must agree with that, I see some comments in here and god know's that some members are already killing FO3 in there minds while we know nothing yet, and there will definitly be some old fallout fants who will never play FO3 and just hate it.

    And for the FPS view, he never said that the game will have it, I dunno why so much peoples are already saying that the game will horribly fail when we don't even know for sure if it will have a FPS view...
    What if the game got a fps view when you move/explore, to let you see the environnement and interact with things in a fps view, but switch out to a 3rd person/Isometric view once a combat start, to have turn-based combat?

    Hell, we don't know ANYTHING about the game, we're not even sure yet if it's 100% impossible that the game will have turn-based combats...
    The interview gave me some hopes, I'm not expecting the game to be a true and through Fallout 1/2 heir... But I don't expect it to be a Oblivion with guns...

    The guy who's in charge of Fallout 3 is actually the guy who made the only part of Oblivion that I loved, the Brotherhood of shadow part...
    Some part of that quest-line : -You would be sent in a house with around 6 persons in there, and you had to be the only one to come out alive :
    -You would be sent back to the HQ base where all your partner in that organisation where, and you had to kill all of them to cleanse the base with the blood of everybody in there, since there was a traitor with them...
    -You would see the body of your ''boss'' hung in his house, head down, his body in part, full of blood... And while talking to a npc, you would hear that one of his assassins ate part of his intestine (or something like that).

    Oblivion was definitly non-violent, non-ANYTHING that wouldnt fit in a fairy tale... But the brotherhood of shadow was really fun and if the guy behind FO3 is the one who was behind the BoS part in Oblivion, the darkest thing in Oblivion...

    Then I got some hope, especially with this interview... FO3 could suck, really bad... But you know what? We don't know nothing yet, we don't have any information except for WHO work on it, nothing else...
    Until I hear more about FO3, I won't leave it alone and I'll follow it, I'm not ready to give up on FO3 yet.
  6. Sander

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    Jul 5, 2003
    Depending on how it turns out. That said, almost everything so far (including their perception of what an RPG is as they showed it with Oblivion) is negative.


    That's one of the few things that might work. But very doubtful.

    It breaks heavily with the P&P feel and the continuity of the action, though.
  7. The Dutch Ghost

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    Jan 11, 2004
    Again an interview in which Hines is basically Hines and nothing is told.
    Is there any point of a game magazine or review site of asking about this topic anymore?
    Unless they can remove the plate in Hines' head, they might as well try to get a response from his rear end.
  8. Thanakir

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    Mar 21, 2007
    If they're doing it FPS-style, it's better be innovative now, isnt it? That's why I said it could be fps and still innovative.

    I mean, between pure FPS or FPS-with-innovation, what you want more? I would at least try the innovation since a pure fps-fallout would be lame... Too much like a previous hack n' slash fallout...
  9. RPG of the year!!

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    Jan 23, 2007
    Gee, Pete, why ever not? Could it be for the reason gluttoncreeper and Chuck Cuevas have used the exact same excuse for taking a steaming, cornfilled shit all over Fallout's corpse? MYSTARY.

    I'm always fascinated with how the license-raping chimpanzees in the gaming industry(or infact, the entertainment industry as a whole) assume that by saying "well, not everybody's gonna like it!! OMGLOL", they've suddenly made it A-OKAY to slap [insert name here] on to an utter abortion of a product.

    Didn't Batman & Robin do it for you?
    Deus Ex: Invisible War isn't better than the first, you say?
    Didn't you enjoy Basic Instinct 2? No?

    Oh well. You can't please everybody.

    Ding! All better!

    Really? That's funny, Pete, I thought Bethesda was doing what they do best.

    Because I could've sworn, <s>Mr. Goebbels</s> Mr. Hines, I knew that Fallout 3 was being developed as an Xbox360 realtime action shooter with an overwhelming emphasis on twitch FPS design. But according to you, Peteyboy, nobody knows what Bethesda is doing, so I guess my factual knowledge is just plain invalid. LAWLAWL THNX 4 CLEERING TAT UPP!!! U SUR ARE A KEWL D00D!


    Yet Bethesda is developing Fallout 3 as an Xbox action game, and Pete's PR is just a less eloquent version of Chucky's. Irony.


    Thanks a bunch, Pete, I always enjoy an excuse to use my newest favourite link.

    But why wouldn't some folks give it a chance right out of the box, Pete!? For that to happen, Fallout 3's feature set would have to be so lacking in the vital design components of the Fallout CRPGs that... Oh.

    What's the solution to this conundrum, Pete?

    What's that, you say?

    "If you don't like it, don't buy it".

    Ding! All better!

    It's far more "educated deduction" than "pure conjecture", Sander.
  10. Continuum

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    Nov 8, 2006
    What do I want? Hmm... nothing?

    FPP, FPS, FPP, FPS... blablabla... Discussion about it is simply stupid and that's all. If you like FPP view based RPG (I mean action) games go play Oblivion. Fallout was original designed with ISOMETRIC view (one of the things which I like very much in this game) and I don't see any fucking reason why this should be changed (because it'll be innovative to the series? or maybe for console crowd? or because isometric view is so old and sucks? or because FPP offers more action than isometric? or because Bethesda is erm... good? in FPP games?).

    If I only see FPP view on the screenshots I don't give any chance to it. No fucking way :D
  11. Thanakir

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    Mar 21, 2007
    I never said I wanted Fallout to be a FPS... I only said that between a FPS or a FPS with innovation (like exploration in FPS view and combat in Turn-based isometric view?) could be possible, and better than plain old FPS only.

    Jeez, why is everyone SO aggressive... Seriously, just chill out a little, I don't want a fps fallout either, I found out Fallout 1 with Baldur's Gate and played it since then, I'm only saying you can mix both FPS and Isometric, and that not everything is lost...

    "Yet Bethesda is developing Fallout 3 as an Xbox action game, and Pete's PR is just a less eloquent version of Chucky's. Irony. "

    Any proof to that? I only want your source, if that's true, I'm not buying it either, but I'd like to know where you take that out from and why you say that... They never said anything, so I'm thinking it's a little too early to throw rock? If you really do have a source about that tho, sure, I'm all for killing him.
  12. dev

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    Sep 25, 2004
    so, we will get "The Elder Holodiscs"...

    i see yet people with mutated, long, pointed ears and slim posture living in the middle of the wasteland....
  13. RPG of the year!!

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    Jan 23, 2007
    Hurrah! Another bumper crop of dipshits.


    Your words of wisdom not only contain stunning insight, but are also tried and true. If only you were a game developer with the Fallout license in your hands, our prayers for an official Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel II would be answered. Oh boy, fingers crossed!!

    Bzzt. I'm afraid that's the wrong answer, Sparky. The "we know nothing yet" game became rather dog-eared ever since Uncle Pete uttered the words "we'll do what we do best" about three years ago. Even moreso after his multiple reiterations that Bethesda is treating Fallout 3 not only with the same loving care with which they further shat on The Elder Scrolls with Oblivion, but that it's safe to say that FO3 will be simillar to the dumbed down, mediocre dreck that passes for TES these days.

    Or perhaps it has something to do with Bethesda's ongoing history of complete and utter failure where Fallout excelled, and both Todd Howard and Pete Hines' munchkin fantasies that Oblivion is the bestest CRPG evar.

    Or that Fallout 3 is being developed for the Xbox360, and all of Bethesda's Xbox titles just happen to be grotesquely compromised for said console to the point of unusable(see Star Trek: Legacy) or at the very least, feature hand-holding to the extent that Playskool's T.J. Bearytales leaves children out-in-the-cold by comparison.

    Or maybe I should mention the infoleaks from members of the Fallout community stating that Fallout 3 is a realtime console FPS that butchers Fallout even worse than Oblivion butchered The Elder Scrolls series, despite that those infoleaks are redundant in light of statements made by Pete and Todd themselves.

    And why is that, skippy? Once again, the only way Fallout 3 could raise such ire within the community is by immensly failing to be a Fallout CRPG. Even Van Buren was by and large welcomed, despite the number of(questionable) core changes it made to Fallout, but you're probaby far too clueless understand what Van Buren was.

    But kudos on the amazing typo.

    Just like Fallout! I didn't know Oblivion contained such spectacular multiple quest solutions. Just reading your summary, my head is spinning attempting to comprehend all the roleplaying possibilities.

    I mean, between being kicked in the balls or being-innovatively-kicked-in-the-balls, what do you want more?

    I have no comeback for your impeccible logic.

    You win.

    EDIT -

    So unsurprisingly, you haven't made any attempt to clue yourself in before rushing into this discussion. That's real peachy. Now watch closely and hold still; I will attempt to make you understand what you're talking about.

    Xbox360 magazines/websites have initiated their coverage of Fallout 3. This should be hint #1.

    Bethesda's newest job ad for a game programmer should be hint #2.

    Bethesda's history of(poorly) multi-platforming action games between PC and Xbox since Morrowind should be the final hint you need to embark on cluehood. Although by all rites it should have been the first and only.

    Heh, that reminds me of something I forgot to add to Bethesda's list of achievements... Turning down original Fallout developers who were interested in working with Bethesda on designing Fallout 3. Can't forget that brilliant little gem of Pete's.



  14. SNorth

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    Mar 13, 2004
    I'm with Jebus on this one.
  15. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    Actually we do know that Boyarsky, Cain, MCA, Sawyer et al aren't involved. This is like doing the Godfater IV without Coppolla, Pacino or Puzzo. They have the legal right to put the name on the box, but really...

    edit: 'RPG of the year' reminds me of someone...
  16. Smoke_Jaguar

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    Mar 23, 2006
    Innovation is good, and is generally used when changing something done in the past to reflect present or future actions.

    It occurs when something, usually out-dated or unfashionable or currently unusable needs to be changed.

    In light of my definition of innovation, please, enlighten me why they need to change Fallout?

    It has come to this poster's attention, that, with his person excluded of course, the majority of the supporters of the "good and old" version of Fallout, are, as opposed to the majority of supporters of the "new and improoved" version of Fallout, objective and trustworthy sources of educated deductions and, as such, are more argument inclined than their counterparts.
  17. Thanakir

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Thanakluess, omg you're so funny...

    Were you born hating everything, or do you feel better at night when you think ''omg I so told those noobs...''.
    I told you that if you were to show me WHERE you learned everything... WELL I WOULD AGREE WITH YOU!

    I only told you what *I* know, and told you that if *YOU* know *MORE* I would AGREE WITH YOU, jeez, not everyone in the world is out there to kill you...

    We're not in the wasteland bud, I'm not here to fight you, insult you and hate you... I just want to *LEARN* so if you got more info, PLEASE SHARE and I'll agree.
    At the moment, the only thing you did show me is how you're trigger-happy to insult anyone who doesnt know as much as you who know EVERYTHING there is to know.

    Care to share the whealth of information instead of throwing rocks please? Please let me be your padawan? Please lower your gun?

    You know, I usually find it funny how people make fun of how agressive and quick to insult NMA members are... And I actually do know that you guys are probably kinda doing this to keep the nubz-who-doesnt-know-shit at bay and because of all the fun made at you from the OMGOBLIVIONZ-FANZ... But please calm down and stop throwing knifes at my eyes, I just wanna DISCUSS?

    We can smell each other assholes and make friend, I got some meat? (no rly, I wanna be friend T_T you guys are probably the best to know how bad FO3 is gonna be..)
  18. Bradylama

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    Oct 22, 2003
    You're the one who came into this discussion ignorant of the topic. Don't act indignant, just shut up.
  19. Thanakir

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    Mar 21, 2007
    The topic was about the interview, I talked about the interview and my view of it.

    And again, I'm asking for you guys to tell me more if I'm so ignorant, yet you insult only...

    Not everyone is born knowing everything, I need to learn allllll of this somewhere, and from what you guys are saying, there still a lot for me to learn.

    So at least point me to a direction...
  20. Bradylama

    Bradylama Sonny, I Watched the Vault Bein' Built!

    Oct 22, 2003