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    Apr 2, 2021
    Writing good romance dialogues is extremely difficult IMO. Fallout 4 has romances, but they are boring and don't really add much to the game. Usually for developers it's not the first priority anyway, like all optional content, especially not in the early stages on development.
    I understand why people want them though, who wouldn't want to sleep with Joshua Graham, by far the hottest character in Fallout universe, haha :D
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    Funny romance/"romance" like the Shotgun wedding is easier to write though as one does not need to bother about stuff good characterization, avoiding making the romance awkward or giving the romance good character development.
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    Dec 7, 2013
    Those are already in and will be added at every opportunity!

    Absolutely :smug:

    For now, it's only of concern for bounty hunters but yes, your reputation will precede you with time.

    I don't think romances where even a thing until Planescape Torment which came out a year after Fallout 2.
    And now, 23 years after Fallout 2, I presume they've become a much requested thing due to Obsidian/Bioware's RPGs over the years.
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    They definitely are and sometimes I find them such an irritating element that a loud minority of gamers calls for.
    Because you can recruit men, women, robots, and animals to work with you, you must have the option to romance them?
    Make them well developed and useful characters first.
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    Personally I've always viewed rommance options, and majority of party npcs beeing women with some sort of derailed liberal ocupation like an out of job journalist, to be a thing for bethesdard soybois, and generally players of those post apocalyptic action shooters while rolplaying a bum plowing through trashcans. They are constantly complaining like: "power armor makes me look fat" so let's make PA mesh to be of the same bulkiness as general unarmored skin like it's made of lycra or latex and not some thick space age ultra durable polymer. It's thanks to such kind of people present day gaming experience get's ruined not only for me but also for all the other gamer T-Rexes out there.

    Because modern games are made as if soybois were the main gamer audience, not us T-Rexes.
    So in general: stupid ideas, plot inconsistency or sheer plot lunacy is a common thing in today's games. It's not like developers are stupid, it's because developers think majority of gamers are imbeciles, which may or may not be true, as i don't have the data how much % of gamer society are soybois, in comparison to normal people.

    Just so you don't get confused I don't consider Fo:Yesterday as of the above examples..
    on a contrary. I think that Fo:Yesterday is going to be a game for Me and all the other T- Rexes to reach out for, finally somethng with a develpment that has their heads firmly placed on their necks, and that carefully filters feedback to weed out soyboi ideas.

    Keep it up!!


    depending on the setting in sfall this may or may not be true. You see there's a neat setting in sfall:

    ;Time limit in years. Must be between -3 and 13
    ;Set to 0 if you want to die the instant you leave arroyo
    ;Set to -1 to remove the time limit, and automatically reset the date back to 2241 each time you would have reached it
    ;Set to -2 or -3 to remove the time limit, automatically reset the date, but override Fallout's GetDate function to return the correct year


    hakunin movie 4 is what probably triggers the game over. TimeLimit=-3 just prevent's the game crash that happens shortly after hakunin movie 4 due to variable reaching maximum 32bit variable size limit. so it get's reseted back to zero and current date get's overriden with the correct one.

    Here's the proof. as a reminder folks, the game starts in september 2253

    scr00000.jpg scr00001.jpg

    this clearly shows that *there is no time limit* there are only ppl that set their sfall settings incorectly...
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    Dec 7, 2013
    @gustarballs1983 Thank you for investigating that issue, I wasn't aware a good solution for extending the years existed!
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