General Gaming Megathread: What are you playing?

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  1. Wastewander

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    Jul 6, 2011
    Typical double-standards that journalists tend to flip-flop about. Change something, or keep it mostly the same, and they will complain either way. Not that sometimes it isn't true in both situations, but still. I'm not sure much can be done with the Arkham formula regardless. In particular with its repetitive combat that works really well because its satisfying, and stays true to the character of Batman; but because of the arcade-esque nature of it, the boss battles tend to fall short. Partially because it really only works against multiple enemies rather than just one.

    Replaying Silent Hill 3 atm with doing the puzzles on hard for the first time, and good god, that first puzzle. Initially got the order of the last three books correct, but the game never tells you when you actually have it done correctly. Big hindrance because it's all for a 4-digit code, and the order of the books is just one part of discovering the code out of two. Had to eventually look it up eventually since the books are about Shakespeare plays, and the riddle that tells you of the order gives you some elements to figure it out; I was only closely familiar with the story of Macbeth.

    I'm mixed about how the puzzle is. On the one hand, I think it's good to make things somewhat complicated and make the player actually think; but on the other hand, the way they did it with the Shakespeare plays, and never letting the player know when they're done with the first part seems... ridiculous. Maybe that's just me. However, I did recently replay SH2, and I do miss puzzles being actual puzzles as opposed to mini-games, or putting the items you need so close to where you have to use them.
  2. fred2

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    Nov 2, 2013
    You must be really lucky and playing on a good biome, don't worry eventually that siege will come, I hope you are prepared :twisted:
  3. mobucks

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    May 22, 2010
    Depending where you start, and the age of the world, sometimes sieges never come. It's rare, but I've heard of it happening a few times.

    If it's been a few years and you have a decent fortress wealth, goblins probably won't siege. You can try slaughtering a few human/elf caravans to piss them off and they might seige though.
  4. Emperor

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Apart from the wild animal, the maximum of monsters that attacked my fortress was 3 kobolds who got maimed by a cat.

    A fellow Pokeyman! Here's my FC: 4270-0608-0794.
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    Aug 21, 2008
    Sounds like you need to annoy more nobles. May I also suggest being mean to elves as they deserve it. :V
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  6. Emperor

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    Aug 4, 2013
    I've spoken too early, just received an announcement that one of my fish dissectors was found dead(dehydrated) near my smelters, apparently the poor dwarf has fallen in a melancholy state after failed creating a legendary artifact and decided to end it all. Better bury him or throw him in the river before he starts to move again.

    EDIT:Someone just started a party after the discovery, maybe his mortal enemy.
    EDIT2: Now my Brewer fell into a fey mood, great.
    EDIT3: The legendary artifact is a spiked mug, now my brewer has legendary stone craft skills.
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  7. mobucks

    mobucks jetski Orderite

    May 22, 2010
    If you havn't seen any goblin snatchers the entire time, you def. will not be seiged. Their local population is probably nill.

    @edit 3: Hah brewer makes a mug. Love that game.
  8. Emperor

    Emperor Simplesmente Rajuma

    Aug 4, 2013
    I would call that luck, but now is stating to be a curse.I really need a siege, just a little one, for the ''globinite''. I can't find any ore for my forge and that is hurting my fortress economy.
  9. fred2

    fred2 Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Nov 2, 2013
    I think it only happens if you embark on islands, but then he won't get any caravans either... Anyway this why its important to check out your neighbors list on embark..

    Just to make sure do you have a population of 80+ and anyone beside you in the civilization list?
  10. mobucks

    mobucks jetski Orderite

    May 22, 2010
    If you really want to be sieged that bad, you're going to have to start a new fortress. However, you can always request things made of metal (armor, weapons, anvils, crafts) from the caravans and melt them down.

    Protip: Every time you gen a new world, start up legends viewer for that world and look on the bottom of the screen for a button to "export map gen info" This will create 3 .txt files in your DF directory, one of them will be "regionX-world_sites_and_pops". Open it and it will list pops of all major civs, incl goblins. Make sure there is healthy pops for all civs you want to encounter. Starting on an island only guarantees you won't be sieged, but due to the way world history happens and the RNG, any civilization is capable of being wiped out/severely crippled during the world gen. Also as fred2 says hit tab on embark screen to see the neighbors list. Red dashes next to a neighbor means they are hostile.

    Anyway back OT, I got Assetto Corsa installed. Game is def. early access. Waiting for a patch to fix issues with the steering wheel I have. Looking at their forums there are a lot of issues in the steering wheel setup area of the game. The laser scanned tracks are amazing, the cars are amazing, the driving "feels" amazing aside from the controller issues I'm having. One particular area that feels better than any other sim I've played is the sense of speed. Lots of sims feel just a touch faster than their real life counterparts; if you watch a real life onboard lap and then drive the same time in the same car on the same track, and watch them side by side, the sim always appears to be moving faster than the real thing, even if it's not. Hard to explain. But Assetto Corsa nails it. All in all shaping up to be a great title.

    Other than that I'm playing F2RP 2.3, which is of course, amazing.
  11. Emperor

    Emperor Simplesmente Rajuma

    Aug 4, 2013
    My fortress only has 50 dwarfs and my neighbors are 1 elf civ, 1 dwarf civ and 1 kobold civ.

    OT: Just got CIV IV, played a lot of CIV V and heard good things about it's predecessor.
  12. fred2

    fred2 Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Nov 2, 2013
    Panzer Corps, is not exactly what I am playing right now, but since there is no other thread for game recommendations it will do here ;) its like Panzer General, an old school turn base strategy/tactical game, which take place during WWII, where you have to build your corps and lead it to victory through out the campaign.

    It is kind of fun at start when you can experiment, but very soon it become really repetitive and tedious, the no-save crap is mostly to hide the fact that the world is persistent(you can easily make a copy of your save to "load" it and see that once loaded each system is exactly the same), I reloaded 5 times the same fight to learn how boarding works, if I had to play by the rules i'd have to waste hours on doing the same. For me this the type of game that confuse challenge with mind numbing busy work. I have been told that Smugglers V is similar and better, but I don't know ...

    Both are great. IMO CIV V is much better for MP and quick games where you can focus on strategy and tactics, while CIV IV is much more focused on your empire building and micro management, and has a huge selection of mods. The one I played most recently is Pie's Ancient Europe(I have a thing for Rome/Greece)

    Also If you are playing CIV IV you might want to play CIV Colonization. I recommend skipping vanilla and installing "The Authentic Colonization" Mod from the start, especially if you were a fan of the original.
  13. woo1108

    woo1108 Vault Senior Citizen

    Sep 27, 2012
    Currently playing Wasteland again and it's really great.
    grab a proton ax from Vegas, go to citadel, kill some priests grab a ion beamer and kill all the
    enemies in citadel and got power armor.
    and then return to Vegas fix a android(kind of spoiler) and get to the base.

    before WL, I beat Fo2 and NV.
    after play FO2, I feel really furious about what beth done at fo3.
    even Obsidian tired thier best to resurrect Fallout at NV, I feel like
    even NV is not enough me to loss of lots of good aspect of Fallout....
    of course NV is one of best game compare to lots of shitty AAArpgs of beth or other shitty big pulishers but...
    still too many good aspect of Fallout is dissapeared by beth's horrible fo3.....
    at least, at NV, they did good job on using good point of TES.
    secondary main quest of NV always reminds me main stream of Daggerfall and Morrowind strangely.
    at that means, beth could not used good points of TES well on oblivion, oblivion with gun and skyrim.

    Fo2 is really a brilliant game ever!
    for me, Fo1 wasn't great at all because dungeons are too poor, puzzles are too easy
    and there aren't much connection to each towns.
    while it's a one world, they are disconnected.
    What I did at Shadysand didn't impact much on hub or Junktown.
    even I beat the Master at Cathedral, that doesn't matter to military base.
    Actually it's not a problem for game, but I prefer each community connected each other.
    it's sequels(wheather spiritual or real) Fo2 and Arcanum, did great job on that.
    so I don't think Fo1 is still great but it's successor.

    most impressive thing on Fo2 is Vault city.
    Chosen one have to search Vault city to find clue of GECK.
    There are lot's of way to find clue of GECK, became citizen and solve problem of GECKO.
    and puzzle of GECKO is quite awesome. it's one of best puzzle among whole Fallout series.
    and scheme of situations of Vault city is connected to other communities: NCR, New reno, Redding and Gecko.
    quests from those communities affects Vault city well.
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  14. Makta

    Makta The DICKtator

    Jul 29, 2010
    Still batteling my APB Reloaded addiction.. Why am i playing this fucking game? BUT! I also bought Gorky 17/Odium and havent played it for over a decade! Will be fun to start playing it again tomorrow and if someone wants and older turn based game you should really look it up. It was/is quite awesome.
  15. Wastewander

    Wastewander It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Jul 6, 2011
    Finally finished Bayonetta on Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty. Went through it in a rather short amount of time so my hands got tired. Not as hard as I thought it was going to be as it turns out it is practically Hard with Witch Time being disabled, although not completely if you wear Selene's Light -- which I didn't -- but instead I wore something else which proved handy. I could've gone with that, but I wanted to go through the game without using WT as a crutch whenever I got attacked. The only other notable difference was that Jubileus seemed to cause more damage. Depleted all of my health in a few seconds at one point in the fight. Don't know if this is the case on Hard as well since I managed to avoid those ice attacks on that run.

    Still pretty difficult, though, and I am thankful that there were fewer occasions where you fight the enemies that are lit on fire since the way to beat them usually involves dodging and activating Witch Time. Easily the biggest annoyances in the game as I had come to know a week ago when I played a few chapters as Jeanne. That other accessory I wore instead of Selene's Light, Evil Harvest Rosary, was really helpful against those enemies. It's activated the same way WT is, but leaves behind a ball of energy that explodes.

    Probably going to do the Alfheim Portals now.
  16. naossano

    naossano So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Oct 19, 2006
    For those who have steam, it now possible to purchase Kingdom Rush HD, for 10$ (or less if done at the right moment)

    [B]Kingdom Rush for Steam will feature:[/B] 
    - Full screen High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art!  
    - The whole classic 12 stage core campaign: Defend the Kingdom from the forces of Vez'nan! 
    - The Winter Storm 2 stage mini-campaign. 
    - The Rise of the Bandits 2 stage mini-campaign. 
    - Bonus stages: The Ruins of Acaroth, The Rotten Forest and The Lair of Sarelgaz! 
    - Total of 17 fully illustrated stages to match your tactical skills! 
    - 8 Specialized towers with a total of 18 special tower abilities!  
    - Over 45 different enemies, from Goblins to Demons each with their own skills! (Beware of the mountain Trolls!)  
    - 7 Epic Boss Fights! Face the unstoppable Juggernaut, the unbeatable Troll Warlord and the humongous JT! 
    - 9 Legendary Heroes! (All unlocked with no additional cost!) Bring them to battle to face the hordes of evil! 
    - Hours of game play with over 50 achievements  
    - Extra game modes that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit.  
    - High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art!  
    - In-game encyclopedia with information from your towers and enemies. 
    [B]Coming soon (and free):[/B]  
    - The Burning Torment 2 stage mini-campaign! 
    - The Fungal Forest Bonus stage! 
    - New Heroes: Oni the demonic samurai, Hacksaw the gnome tinkerer and Thor the demigod! 
    - The *NEW* Curse of Blackburn campaign! Will you be able to lift the curse that plagues the Blackburn state? 
    For those who don't know it, Kingdom rush is probably one of the best Tower Defence Game. First release on flash, then on various phone, this has a great aesthetic, some humor, and many gameplay challenges.

    For those who know, this version has other differences compared to the flash version :
    - A new way to show the worldmap.
    - Maps are bigger.
    - Differents musics for different kind of environnement.
    - Key binding options.
    - Resolution options.
    - Difficulty choices seem to have disapeared. (so it seems locked on normal or hard)
    - Monsters seem to drop less gold.
    - You can't use the Laser on the last Ice Mission.
    - Some bugs may still exist.
    - It takes 1 GB overall...
  17. Korin

    Korin So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Aug 6, 2010
    I just started playing Morrowind again. Crazy, that graphic overhaul mod sure has come a long way since the last time I tried (and failed) to install it. The whole thing is just a single .exe now. I'm pretty stoked to play with the new graphics:

  18. mobucks

    mobucks jetski Orderite

    May 22, 2010
    Impressive! And a nice 40fps to boot! Do the character models still look a shit?
  19. Korin

    Korin So Old I'm Losing Radiation Signs

    Aug 6, 2010
    They're not great but considering what the vanilla looks like, they're definitely not bad. I find the bretons a little disturbing myself... a bit uncanny valley:

  20. Makta

    Makta The DICKtator

    Jul 29, 2010
    Been playing some Elder Scroll online today.. It is not bad BUT.... Yeah the big but is in there >> I don't really know if i should keep going or if i should just ignore it. Especially since i'm trying to stay away from MMO's.