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    Basically, they’d be
    Sure. Basically, they’d de called the Empire of Khan, based off the good ending for the Khans of Fallout 2. They’d be radhorse-riding warriors, creating a huge kingdom stretching across most of Wyoming, and bits of northern Utah and maybe Colorado.

    They’d be inspired by the actual Mongols this time, though. They’d accept people of differing religions, heritage, and even species, with ghoul and super mutant soldiers being valued for their utility. They’d have been founded through a union of a few tribes in the Wyoming area, united under the leadership of the Khan leader (a name I had for him is Utan). Chief Utan would’ve been the successor to Papa Khan, and would have goals of uniting much of the Northwestern United States under his banner.

    Also, they’d have some Followers of the Apocalypse members amongst them, mainly acting as scholars and such. Their capital city, I imagine, could be something like “Death Hand City” along some huge river bank in the region.
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    Another idea would be a Technocratic Society ran by Ghouls, who cybernetically enhance themselves with technology in order to become equal too, or greater then, humans.

    And their base could be within some old, irradiated and abandoned Vault in which no humans without a radiation suit or protection could survive. Taking from Van Buren, they could be trying to find a way to either restore the humanity or create “Born Ghouls”, in order to make themselves not a minority anymore.
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    It has really been a long time since I opened this thread.
    Since then I have also been trying to think of scenarios that do not involve a single major threat to the region a game would take place in or the entire world but more situations with various organizations and factions with the player being an agent of change whose actions or deed can decide what the outcome is and if things improve for everyone in general or just a select handful of groups who could become a more influential force of power in the future.

    Well in my Fallout Texas idea I still have one clear primary antagonist whose serves as a nemesis of the player and wants to bring back a form of pre-war corporatism, offering people things like energy and technology and making them willing to throw away their freedoms.

    The secondary antagonists would be an organization that seeks to impose a stratocracy run by themselves because they feel societies in the regions are failing, being stagnant or in decline rather than growing and working for a greater good.

    And I think I have told you about ElloinmorninJ about this idea I had for cyborg ghouls or "cyber ghouls" who use cybernetics to fix up their bodies and enhance their capabilities.
    Though I would much rather bring back the The Reservation/Children of the Wasteland into a Fallout game than something that sounds similar.
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    1.Based on the leaked Fallout: Louisiana IP and a 90s horror movie I remember ... called Mosquitoes. Giant mosquitoes (Fallout 4's Blood Bugs) in a giant swarm that periodically spawns in the Big Easy (Louisiana Wasteland) every few summers. An event citizens call "Blood Year". Haven't logically thought of how people could tell when it would happen, but most flee along the southern coast when it does. Some hardcore survivalists insist on staying home, along with some greedy raider clans. You'd enter the Big Easy after a majority of the population has left but before the hive has been born. You'd get the chance to exterminate the bugs before a fixed amount of time. If you fail, then the region would just be spammed with Blood Bugs for a month or two. They'll have their fill draining all the livestock people didn't bring with them, and then eat each other. If you succeed, the Blood Bugs will become an endangered species, so another Blood Year won't occur for decades. Once this "holiday" passes, people will return to the Big Easy; signaling the second act of the mod as more Quests open up. Haven't thought this far ahead. I guess, if the player allowed Blood Year to happen, businesses and people would be more inclined to hire the player to help them rebuild. Raiders would also take advantage as people began settling in. And if the player stopped Blood Year, than other animal populations would take over ... ?

    2.The Spore Plant fungal parasite from Vault 22. That could be scary but would be ripping off The Last of Us.
    This and the first idea revolve around a creature invasion or one single monster’s rampage. It could be a good throw-back to 50s’ monster movies.

    3.Two large farm owners fighting each other. These two want to own the monopoly on fresh food in their region and resort to all sorts of shenanigans. Blackmailing shops to only buy produce and meat from one over the other, threats, living up to those threats, good old-fashioned raiding each other caravans, assassinations, rumors, and the occasional poisoning of goods. You'd start this mod working for one of them and would be known as The Farmhand. The Main Quest would only be introduced until the player reached a certain Level, so most of the time they'd think the mod is just Side-Questing with no story at all. Eventually, the player will be tasked with ending the feud. By the end, they'll realize that both of these land barons are assholes for being greedy and prolonging their rivalry. They’ll also feel as meaningless as the conflict itself. It doesn't matter who wins because if it continues, everyone will starve. A subplot in this scenario is a super mutant uprising. Though it’s both another "cleanse the world" story that everyone's tired of seeing and rips off Fallout 1, its spin is that the leader of this movement; a super mutant named Havoc, is more tamer than the Enclave or even the Master's Unity. His goal is to turn the region into a sanctuary for him and his kind. That's it. He essentially rips off Marcus’ character; basically, an evil Marcus, but slightly more ambitious. He’s not after world domination because he realizes that going to war with all of humanity would cost him more lives of his followers than he’d gain. He also is firmly against exposing people to FEV. He pities himself and his race and just wants to live out his eternity in peace. He rallies other mutants to him with the promise of no longer searching the Wastes for a home, provided they help him eradicate all human life in the region so they can move in.
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    One idea for a story that I have thought about was one based around a faction (or at least a localized version of one) based around survivalists who were also martial artists around the San Francisco Bay Area. The long story short is this faction rose as a group of benevolent mercenaries that are similar to the Followers, but not anarchistic. And after the events of Fallout 2, the Shi works with them to nation build to counter the influence of the NCR and remain independent.

    As for what the society has become, I would make it to be more a foil to the NCR. Instead of being a replication of the pre war US down to all its corruption, mismanagement, individualism and sham of a democracy, this society would be a quasi theocracy, that's more collectivistic, planned and a society that is anti corruption. This society would have spent the time after the end of Fallout 2 trying to build itself up to being on par with the NCR. So between 2250 and 2275 people in this new country have worked like the US during World War 2 and used the surplus resources to further advance themselves.

    The collectivism kicks in when it comes to the society's general ethos, you better yourself through your work, which betters the country which entitles you to social benefits. Benefits like you getting housing, health care, education and other social services as a reward. The downside would be prior to 2275, most people worked 12 hour days where basically anything that could run 24/7 more or less did. This society also tends to focus more on spying and intelligence gathering to compensate for the numbers difference.

    The juxtaposition with the NCR would be the main story taking place after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The NCR lost and its going through a period of social upheaval. (For the sake of the story, we're going with the Independent or House endings rather than the Legion one). The Battle either cuts the NCR off from water and power from Hoover Dam or the prices that House charges causes inflation in the NCR, which kicks off an economic and social collapse in the heartland of the NCR. Which causes the NCR to pull their military from basically everywhere north of Bakersfield except a few outpost. Raiders and other criminal elements rise in the vacuum and the northern parts of the NCR start to balkanize. The NCR, for what it's worth, still claims the north but can't enforce it at this point.

    The Shi country is having to deal with the fallout from the rise of the warlords along their borders and them attacking towns and villages along the border. The story would center around you infiltrating the various warlords, bringing intelligence back to your people, setting up resistance networks among the occupied people and other shenanigans. You'd be one of many people sent in to set up an intelligence network, so you are a part of an operation rather than the second coming here to save the world. Also, its not like a conflict involving warlords in California would have Earth shattering repercussions like the making of artificial people or whatever.

    Other miscellaneous things involved in the story would be this new nation would be them having a policy of only getting involved in wars for self defense and not imperialism, but they have fought and expanded their territory under this policy. This society also uses its social services as a machine of propagating and building a new culture. One that more or less fills you life with education, work and other activities basically from the age of 5 to 21. So by ~2281 most of the population has been raised in this culture. Not to mention the culture is also a bit "manufactured". Smaller social conflicts would be around a society that has achieved a level of development that was promised when the nation was formed and that people have been sacrificing for an has only slowly been fulfilled. There would be anxiety around society changing, but now having to face a crisis and the public might not having the appetite to absorb and develop another swath of territory, coupled with a political class that doesn't want to change too quickly, but does want more territory....for self defense of course.

    This story also deals with some of the threads that were pulled on during New Vegas, like the NCR not being in the best of shape after Tandi left office and going through decades of expansion and embracing corporate corruption. It would also show that House, powerful as he might be, isn't infallible. His actions being the thing that directly kicks off the troubles in the NCR's heartland and hurts himself in the process by cutting off that "society of consumers" from New Vegas.
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    I just thought of something today. A eusocial society of humanoid insects. They'd be a combination of many animals like deathclaws, but mostly be made up of grasshopper DNA. They would either originate from a prewar facility and brake out into a cave, and are only now making their way out of the cave. Or be like deathclaws, where someone stumbles upon the research documents and perfects them. Either way, the queen would control a hive-mind, and until the hive-mind is destroyed somehow, these insects would remain emotionless. After being freed, they wouldn't be as emotional as humans and may even have different emotions, but they'd still act as people.

    And with these guys, unlike other mutants, I wouldn't mind them instantly spreading across the continent. Their bugs, they spread quickly, especially when they're smart enough to create perfect hives and tools.
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    I like this idea, it seems somewhat original without being too far out of left field. Insectoids seem most suited for this new world, so an intelligent race of them would definitely be a threat.

    But I don’t like the idea of them spreading across the continent. I don’t see how two different intelligent, expansionist species could coexist in a world like Fallout. War never changes and all that. And even if they could coexist and be treated as just another “race”, having insect-men would be too fantasy-esque, in the same way that the talking deathclaws are and the S’lanter were. So I think they should all die off soon after their queen is killed and be contained to a localized area, so that they wouldn’t appear in other fallout games.
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    I would shy a bit from the humanoid, but I like this. I'm thinking of them as like Fallout's Klackons.

    There is a type of ant whose colonies can be controlled by a type of moth larva, if I remember right. Maybe that is the real issue? The colony is being controlled by some parasite* and that's why they are emotionless.

    *possibly a pre-war control agent? Either acting on the behalf of humans or on its own behalf.

    Disagree. I think that the Great War should open a big pandora box that the idea of a single human race is gone forever. This is a world of mutants now, even the humans are mutants.

    One way to keep the eusocial insects contained and yet widespread, would be for them to live mainly underground. Ants are as expansionistic as humans, yet we do not compete - we have different niches. This would allow them to become legends and scarecrows both. In some places, they are legendary. In others, they are very much real and either being actively symbiotic with humans or/and actively fighting them.

    It would be hilariously ironic and yet in-line with Fallout, if two very different species interacted with each other, and then mostly stay out of each other's way, because they are mutually alien to the point they do not compete with each other, but not so alien that they can't dialogue. Then these species promptly go and slaughter the ones that should be their "fellows humans/mutants/bugs."
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    Adding onto this you could explore ideas similar to the book Blindsight where the human psyche is actually a completely unique product of our evolution, and a sub-race of insectoids whilst similar in intellect just may not have the type of development in their brain to process things like empathy, sentimentality et cetera. Would be a cool way of exploring human conciousness.

    Would make a nice existential threat if they breed like bugs too, the human race replaced by a species of innate sociopaths.
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    I think they might count as having already been a Fallout threat....
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    Backstory doesn't count.
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    I like the twists you put on my idea, although I had just assumed they were emotionless because mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and the such don't actually share the same sets of emotions. This may be completely wrong but I remember hearing about it somewhere.

    And you're right that they maybe shouldn't be humanoid. Although another thought just occurred, how could they communicate with humans? Maybe there's some sort of gizmo that can translate human and insect languages.

    It would be cool to have towns like Jacobstown where the insects coexist but then have Black Mountain where they are an isolated terror group. Maybe one of the colonies tries out a human form of government and vise-versa.
  14. This. I think I wrote it earlier but a PLA-PLAN remnant force that grows as 'Fusang' and enters a Maoist-Reformist civil war or expansionary period in the PNW might be a capable threat....
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    If you want a wild wasteland creature, then get a Kangaroo boxer with four arms who goes by the name 'Kangaroo Jack'.
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    Here's my ideas for the next Fallout game!
    1. Don't
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  17. I get tired with games easily, so a new one would be long as Beth does something as simple as double check and edit their own plots and scripts.
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    They should reveal that FEV is actually sentient, like midichlorians. The big reveal is that FEV has actually been pulling the strings this whole time, everything has been part of their master plan. The game would center around the protagonist shrinking and fighting the FEV inside of the body of the Sole Survivor, which is appropriate because of pulp sci fi. There will be bloodlurks.
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    Nah man, its not FEV. Dane's alternate personality warned us, back in Fallout:.

    That's why the US was shifting to energy weapons, they realized they were being corrupted by their gunpowder. Alas, it was too late.

    The Master wanted to save humanity, that why he himself only used energy weapons and only some of his mutants used firearms. Alas, the Vault Dweller was corrupted by the pure concentrated gunpowder of the .223 pistol. You can see that BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! is a perfect representation of how the .223 pistol sounds. By the time he got the Turbo Plasma Rifle, it was too late, his soul was already contained within the pistol. That's why he sounds so tired in his memoirs, he was drained.

    Ian was another puppet too, that's why he keeps shooting the Vault Dweller in the back. It was introducing gunpowder to the Vault Dweller's body and setting the corruption in.

    "Big Iron" is a mind-control song, that's why people love it so much.

    We were warned, but we didn't listen. We should have listened.
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