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    Aug 16, 2010
    Well, I did my MSc in physics on graphene quantum dots, so if you have any questions about how to prepare graphene and construct graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures for high quality, ask away.
    But I can already tell you that all the neat spin-locked states are not something you do in a home lab unless your home lab has some nice measurement amplifiers and possible a dilution refrigerator.
    You also need a cleanroom environment to prepare your graphene samples (complete with spincoater, plasma cleaning, and so on), bonding equipment and lot of other non-trivial equipment to actually get somewhere. And for contacting you need some form of lithography, reactive ion etching, gold sputtering... Not trivial.
    Graphene is a fun material, though. I always thought about using the odd properties of graphene to potentially build a desktop-sized Free Electron Laser, since surface ripples in graphene can lead to enormous pseudomagnetic fields, and charge carriers in graphene are (sorta) relativistic already.
    There was a research project on using graphene in FELs a few years ago, but I'm still waiting on papers from that.
    Also, now that large-scale CVD graphene in good quality is finally getting somewhere (my old group from university basically revolutionized the techniques, and now CVD graphene has the same or better properties than exfoliated graphene at millimeter sample sizes), I wonder how well an electrical capacitor made of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride would work. Imagine a few meters of continuous graphene in a stripe about 10 cm tall. Put a few layers of hBN on it (which is a very good insulator, chemically inert and has basically the same lattice structure as graphene), and roll it up into a capacitor. Since the stack of graphene and hBN is less than a 100 nm thick you should get quite a lot of layers in this capacitor, and potentially a huge capacity.
    But well, while CVD graphene is able to produce such large samples in the near future, hBN production is not there yet. The combination of graphene and hBN is still relatively new.

    If you want to do CVD graphene though, that's actually quite easy, you just need methane, a fused silica tube oven, and some copper.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Nerd talk.
  3. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    That could be an interesting choice for a supercapacitor alright, although I confess I haven't researched the dielectric breakdown voltage of the boron nitride.

    There is of course, the requirement of synthesis of the boron nitride, and for such applications (barring unpredicted specific effects of dopants) one is going to need ultrapure boron. And the easiest way to that, is a bit hairy to say the least. Borane/diborane. Highly toxic, stinks and at least the latter (never produced diborane-free BH3), is pyrophoric. Like a nastier version of diphospine. Had more to do with pentaborane than either BH3 or diborane.

    I'd be prepared to work with it, mind you, I'm not averse on principle to hazmat materials, although I do have my limits (such as I wouldn't go near methyl/dimethylmercury with a 20-foot stick, and I'm leaving all the fluorinated interhalogens out of my interhalogen project, save perhaps some of the iodine fluorides..maybe. Undecided on that one)

    I do have a room I could convert for a clean-room as it happens, given that due to my hip and knee issues, I exclusively sleep downstairs, and my bedroom more or less now is just a place to keep books and my microscope, to avoid its being in the proximity of anything disagreeable.

    Generally, fairly well equipped, although atm, my main setup is for organic/inorganic work, anything from AMPAkine nootropics to novel opioidergics to run of the mill alkali metal production, and rather well connected in terms of people who are good at getting the kind of things that don't appear on ebay. Got another project in the offing though which is going to require me to covert the never-used bedroom into a cleanroom anyhow, working with Claviceps, ergot fungi, if you are familiar. C.purpurea in particular, although if I can either find any or get any through contacts I think I'd go for C.paspali instead. But as far as keeping things clean goes, I do have some experience at least, I've had a fascination with mycology since, so I am told, 4. Lol, taught myself to read with Phillips et. al. And there is little more annoying than spending time on cultures of organisms only to have them get infested by contaminants.

    Interesting little critters they are, but finnicky as all hell made flesh when it comes to culture. Isolating a production strain is time consuming but doable, KEEPING it productive, avoiding senescence is a real bugger, although I have hopes for electrospraying cultures via charged hypodermic needles and oppositely charged baths of a CaCl2 solution, the culture being mixed in with alginic acid, the result being instant polymerization, which in effect simulates a pseudo-sclerotium. The culture, being mixed with a perfluorocarbon emulsion, the objective being the smallest polymer microspheres with the optimal ratio of toughness in culture, given that below a couple of mm, the microspheres become anoxic, and one only gets clavine alkaloids rather than lysergic peptides, the perfluorocarbons serve as oxygen transporters (some, again as emulsions have even been tested for blood replacements for emergencies that unlike simple albumin/electrolyte solutions act not only as volume expanders, but also to transport O2, having in the case of some perfluorocarbons, a higher affinity than haemoglobin.)

    I am, I guess, somewhat of a polymath. There is little I am NOT interested in. Anything from scorpion, spider, Hymenopteran, marine venoms and toxins to whatever reading I can find on cosmology to paleontology.

    You might find this interesting.

    Neat site, this article in particular, seems like NASA are working on proof-of-concept level alcubierre drives. Damn....that one surprised me alright...the thought of even the potential for trips in a few hours to mars, the moons of Saturn.....maybe within our lifetimes if we get lucky. That would be..well..with the way humanity is going, we are going to end up with a home planet that will make fallout's in-game universe look like the garden of bloody eden, and the people with half a brain in their heads are going to have to put up with what the ones in power and the ones with the money are doing, trashing the environment.

    So somewhere along the line, people are going to have to get off this particular rock, if we don't manage to get our heads screwed on in the right direction before we tip the balance TOO far towards the fire and brimstone and handbasket option to recover. (no, I'm not religious, but the metaphor is apt enough)

    Not found the edit function (is there one?) yet. So, missed the nerd-talk remark. LOL. You've never met me. If you did, aside from the obvious classic autie bit, then I'm as far from obvious as a geek as you'll get. At least on the surface. There is a lot below it obviously, but up top, what one sees, at least when out of the gas mask, blast shield and goggles, elbow-length gloves etc. is combat boots/newrock goth-y boots, combat fatigues torn at the knees (deliberately) and more leather and metal spikes than you'd find in a cybernetically-enhanced bastard child of a hedgehog and a cow.

    But, admittedly, I can't very well hide my spock-ish side.
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  4. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    Don't hold your breath for the Alcubierre drive, though. What most articles don't mention is that the Alcubierre metric always requires negative energy, which is theoretically fine, but we have no way of creating it.
    Also, the Alcubierre bubble might possibly collect interstellar particles en route and release a massive blast of blue-shifted particles in the direction of travel when the bubble collapses, making it a bit of a planet killer.

    Anyway, boron nitride isn't the issue, it's the particular allotrope that's the issue. Hexagonal boron nitride needs extreme pressures to form, and that might be a problem if you want to synthesize large amounts of it.

    The edit button is below the post.

    /edit: I think there are a few science-threads around. Gotta look for them.
    Here's one.
  5. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    I am aware of the negative energy requirement, but I thought you might find it interesting that the alcubierre drive is actually being tested at proof of concept level. I'm going to have to go digging for that research using sci-hub (you familiar? the paywall cracker? if not I can post the server IP. Its amusing, kazakh student created a way to fake access tokens from unis, to allow free open access to paywalled papers from a HUGE number of journals. And Elsevier (bunch of wankers at best) are absolutely PISSED. Took her to court, from the amount of times her domain names have been relocated, quite a few times, and more or less, her first domain name got shut down, she just pops up like a slavic Lernean hydra, cut off one head and the body sticks up a middle finger and up pop several more heads)

    She got takedown orders from court and more or less just told them to go get stuffed. Meanwhile, Elsevier and their ilk are fuming off fury like a bottle of LAH getting pissed in :D They won their suit, but being located in the rectal sphincter of eastern europe means they can't physically touch her, and the only thing they can do is have domain names taken down, and when they do, they kill one, another four or five get put up. Has me laughing every time.

    (I'm really no fan of the big publishing houses, the way they treat the researchers themselves, the unis, and of course, us plebs (I.e the kind of folk who don't work for an institute, don't have the money for a degree, and are self-taught beyond secondary school)

    The plebs, so to speak. they wouldn't spit on hobbyists, charging ripoff sums to rent articles for a short time without even letting people print copies. I'm dead against closed access to knowledge on principle. Goes against everything I stand for and work for. No, I'm not above cutting a profit for a while before I release something, but is not somebody who does come up with something good, deserve to enjoy the first bite of the fruit of their labour? that, IMO is fair enough, someone who's worked for something, and potentially worked hard, worked at the bench, down and dirty with toxins, pyrophoric compounds and in some cases stayed up for several days without sleep babysitting something, or spent time sifting through mercury-saturated aluminium amalgam slops, they deserve to enjoy the reward for their work.)

    So if you want, I can post the IP to direct connect to sci-hub, the IP remains valid even if the hosts are shot down. Its great...the money I'd never have paid, that in theory if I would cough up for those moneygrubbing svinya, if I had it to begin with I'd be rolling in it by now. If for a project, I need (like the ergot work) I need literally YEARS of reading (I even went as far as buying a hard copy of Kren and Cvak's 'the genus Claviceps'), I'd be paying out £40-60-80 every ten minutes or so at best. If I had to pay that, I'd never be able to so much as afford a test tube, petri dish or bag of agar.
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    Aug 16, 2010
    I do know SciHub. At work I can use the university network to get a lot of papers, but SciHub is a neat tool at home.
    Proof of concept for the Alcubierre drive is nice and all, but it doesn't matter if the negative energy requirement can't be fulfilled. I mean, if we had negative energy we could also potentially build traversable wormholes and wouldn't necessarily need to create massive gamma ray bursting planet killers to get around :D
  7. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    And regarding the potential particle weapon-esque accident potential, of the alcubierre drive, wouldn't, either this be negated by the fact that essentially the warp bubble moves, a finite portion of space, rather than the craft, and leaving a finite space in which to store particles..perhaps could be used to harvest energy, essentially using solar panels. And the fact that a planetary atmosphere, it would require a magnetosphere to be retained, the magnetic field would deflect charged particles, whereas uncharged, highly blue-shifted energy, that would be in the hard ultraviolet range, wouldn't it? and at least, if it would be the case of a 'deceleration blast' be blocked by the atmosphere? because extreme UV doesn't propagate well at all through the atmosphere.

    And it would of course have to be tested in unmanned vehicles, and let loose in outer space, away from planetary systems which could possibly harbor life, and if such a phenomenon occurs, an unmanned probe could be fired ahead of the vehicle, with an instrument suite to examine the region outside the warp-bubble both during 'flight' of the vehicle and during shut-down. Examine the range, and determine how practical a pre-approach shut-down would be followed by conventional chemical and/or ion-drive approach systems. Ion drive being slow, but accelerating would allow for a shutdown of a warp-drive far before approach, already have the ion-drive running within the static region of space-time, to in effect catapult the craft, already run-up to speed with the ion drive within the warp-bubble, forwards giving it a heads-up on the whole slow ass acceleration of ion drive technology?

    Assuming the idea about using a planetary magnetosphere/atmosphere to block any potential particle storm, would not compensate.

    Might end up with us treating a few greys to a spectacular 'aurora xenos', I guess you might call it, though :D
  8. Hassknecht

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    Aug 16, 2010
    A hard shower of relativistic particles would potentially strip away the upper atmosphere, and the resulting bremsstrahlung could furthermore destroy the ozone layer. There's a reason why large supernovae and their gamma ray bursts are potential extinction events even when they're very far away (as in, up to thousands of light years).
    But it's all hypothetical, because again, outside of the very fringey Woodward effect there's no known way to produce negative energy. Not even a theory, so far it's just a mathematical idea.
  9. Urban Predator

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Bugger! I should have thought of Bremmstrahlung, and was assuming blueshifting into the UV region rather than hard X-ray to gamma ray wavelengths. Pardon me whilst I go and slap the shit out of myself with a sock full of rabid mink:P
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    Jun 14, 2014
    Welcome to NMA.

    Any new people should be taught that the Order subforum is a hosted forum. So it is not part of NMA. Please avoid that place (at least at the start).

    That is all. :ok:
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    Jan 9, 2018
    I would have to know the purpose of it before having a use for it. Which isn't to say, assuming no read-only access restrictions, that I'll not sniff around and see whats what.

    But, I'm not here to stir up shit, and generally if something explodes and I'm around (in or out of FO), there was a good reason for it (not counting a few..err..questionable..high-jinx as a kid with various things nitrated/(per-)chlorate-ed and shot into places that such things really shouldn't be shot at/into. )

    Here at least, however, I did not arrive to do the community harm. I only give, what is given to me. Unless somebody goes REALLY beyond the pale in life, and has it coming from some source no matter what, or where they are. I only bite people who try to sink their teeth into me first. Unless there is a very good reason. That is a general principle of mine, do as one would be done by (but if someone brings it on themselves then they have nobody to blame but themselves) I apply the same principle to myself, don't get me wrong.

    In any case, I thank you for your welcome.
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    Well, feel free to post in that Dark Matter thread that Hassknecht linked. It is in the Order, but since you're interested and can actually talk to Hassknecht about it there, it seems the perfect place.

    My warning about the Order was for all the new people. Sometimes people don't realize that they are not on NMA forums anymore, since there is little to distinguish NMA and the Order with the exception of looking at the top of the threads and see if it says " Home › Forums › Hosted Forums › The Order › * ".

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay around here :postviper:.
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    Jan 9, 2018
    I'll definitely check it out. I did take a look through the science thread linked also, but...errr...lets just say that a fairly significant proportion of the content is shitposting and jamming up what could otherwise be an interesting thread. And were I desirous of a diet consisting of bollocks, I could simply invest in a homosexual prostitute or ten and take up cannibalism as a hobby. (no, I am neither, if anyone is wondering:P)

    If you are not averse to a quick question, what precisely IS the order? composition? function? purpose of hosting separately? etc.

    I did take a quick look over there, inasfar as reading the basic ruleset etc, but that was about as far as it seemed interesting on the first page. Hangout for the old farts, so to speak? (spoken tongue in cheek, no offense is intended)
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    The Order started as a group of classic Fallout games fans. But over the years it evolved into a group of people with (mostly) compatible personalities. There might be some open hostility to new people outside of the Order that posts in there and that is why I warn people to stay clear, at least at the start.

    Basically it is just a group of people that share interests and tastes on things, that hang around, play games and chat together.

    Others can probably explain better than I can. I am not the best at writing stuff in English and be understood :aiee:.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Imagine NMA as a body, and the Order like a non-lethal cancer attached to it.
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    Feb 16, 2018
    Hey everybody. Sporadic lurker for the past... decade or so? I bought Fallout 3 on a whim as part of a buy-one get-one promotion at Gamestop. I thought the box art looked really cool and the description on the back reminded me of something like Mad Max. Needless to say, I quickly became a fan of the series and went back to play the first two titles. When New Vegas was released, it became my favorite game of all time.

    Years later, I was absolutely devastated to see the cash grabbing development philosophy and lack of depth in Fallout 4. Unfortunately, it appears that I am in the minority of opinions judging by the game's near universal praise and strong sales. It's promising to see that this community still cares about the series and its themes as much as I do. If things don't turn around for Fallout, I plan to organize the development of a spiritual successor. This forum seems like a great place to meet potential co-conspirators... whoops, I mean collaborators. :wiggle:
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    Feb 28, 2018
    Newbie here, lurker for a few years too though not as long as TerminallyChill above. I first found this place when I was looking for mods for Fallout 2. As an incidental, the ones I got truly enriched my experience and I'd like to say thanks, if not for making them then for fostering the community that produced them.

    So, I suppose this is the part where I tell how I got into Fallout. This is a bit strange for me because while I'm not a vet, I wasn't introduced to the series through the Bethesda titles. In fact, I've only played 1,2 and New Vegas. It's out of pure stinginess I'm afraid. Picked up the originals when they were free a while back, and recently a friend gifted me New Vegas.

    I've found that there is a disconnect between me and more mainline Fallout communities such as the subreddit because I come front a different place than most there. I even tried the New Vegas one, but it's a ghost town. So I figured why not join the site with the curmudgeons that prefer the only games in the series I've played?

    My bad humor aside, I do have quibbles with the Bethesda design philosophy, though I come at it more as more of an Elder Scrolls fan than a Fallout one. That's probably one reason I joined, because when I hear things from over the fence they sound eerily similar to my observations about the newer TES titles. I guess I'm hoping this place may help give perspective on what exactly happened to a company I once liked and perhaps a better idea what all the battlelines in the Fallout community are about.

    If I don't, nothing's lost. Still get to talk about games I like and maybe have a conversation or two about game design, I've seen how you love to have those here.

    Regardless, I wish you all a hearty hello.
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    Nov 26, 2007
    Hello and welcome Corbett.
  19. President_Peaches

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    Mar 4, 2018
    Though I had heard about the Fallout franchise through cultural osmosis, I didn't get into it until had a sale on a few years ago and I bought 1 + 2 on a whim. As my favourite genre of fiction is the post-apocalyptic and dystopian (Brazil, Planet of the Apes 1968, The Handmaid's Tale, The Mad Max movies) and I find Cold War history fascinating, Fallout is definitely my cup of tea. Loved the roleplaying, storytelling and world building, loved the ultra-violence and cheesy retro vibes from Fallout 1, found the pop-culture references and sledge-hammer subtle "drugs are bad" message in Fallout 2 to be a bit cringe-inducing, but the game more than made up for it with vastly improved gameplay.

    My first introduction to 3d Fallout was watching my boyfriend playing Fallout 3 on his xbox. I remember his favourite film was Independence Day and he really liked the spaceship quests because you shoot evil aliens. I thought the game looked really stupid, couldn't work out what it had to do with Fallout, and was bored to tears. Needless to say that relationship didn't last and I have never played a Bethesda Fallout.

    Read that New Vegas was made by the same guys that made the originals, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, other a few nitpicks. Went to browse that subreddit to look for help with mods, but had to back away slowly when I realised that it was a den of cravens (ie edgy 14-year old Bethesda fanboys) Nice to see that the curmudgeons here aren't jumping on the "Call of Simscraft 4" bandwagon.

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    Apr 7, 2017
    Welcome, President_Peaches.

    I still laugh at that Lee Oliver portrait.
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