Bethesda's Lore Recons

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    Besides providing a throwback to Fallout 1 with his psychic nullifier? Nah, he just vaguely tells you things about the game and the plot.
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    Momma Murphy, like the Forecaster is a psyker, like those the Master had rounded up.

    One thing I don't understand is how there could be a resource crisis prompting a resource war if nuclear energy is the national norm. The war was over oil - not uranium or plutonium after all.
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    Near the end they were starting to run out of uranium, and petroleum was probably still used in some industrial applications. It's also possible China just had less advanced nuclear tech than the US.
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    US and China were already embroiled in war for years. The microfusion technology from the power armor project was ironically the solution to the resource crisis. It just didn't have time to develop and advance before the nukes went flying. Plus the U.S. would never share it with other powers.
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    Well, while it could solve some issues, like with Energy, runing out of Oil, eventually Uranium and other resources would still be a huge problem. Even if you didn't had to worry about energy sources, you have to still get the materials to build Fusion cores from somewhere, be it Oil for Plastic maybe, or some rare uknown material that's probably used to make the Fusion actually working, like some super fancy superconductor for the magnetic field.

    Thinking this trough, they probably could not figure out ways how to solve all of the resource problems.
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    Was the 13 commonwealth division of the US ever mentioned in Fallout 1 or 2? I know the new US flag was everywhere in FO3, but I honestly can't remember anything about the commonwealths. The same goes with the invasion of China and the first use of power armor. Which games were the first to mention US troops invading China and power armor in combat? I remember soldiers in power armor during the annexation of Canada from the intro cinematic of FO1, but FO3 says that power armor was introduced during the Battle of Anchorage and it taking the Chinese by surprise. You'd think that broadcasts of American troops in power armor in Canada would be seen by the Chinese, so that bit must be a retcon. With the invasion of China too, I don't remember anything about it before FO4.
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    The flag makes it's first appearance in the FO1 intro.
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    Fallout bible written by fallout 1&2 devs.
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    The resource wars began in 2052.

    The first nuclear power cell wasn't unveiled until 2066, and was made by Americans, for Americans. Even then, it took MANY years to to get it everywhere in America, it basically wasn't until right before the war began that the switch over was complete.

    Other countries lacked such a power source for some time, and even when they DID it get, relations between the various nations had spiraled so out of control it didn't matter, and war was impossible.

    The resource wars began over oil, but they ended over petty hatreds, despite the problems being solved.

    The rise of the core region over others is actually fairly explainable.
    -The core region had the most number of successful vaults anywhere. Vault 13, 15, 8, and the LA demo vault, all kept fairly large numbers of people alive through the war. Whereas the other 90% of vaults across America got their inhabitants killed.
    -The core region also had a number of GECKs. Both Vault City and the NCR were built using GECKs to jump start them.
    -And the core region, most importantly, had two super magical, almost god-like, player characters to fix and all of their problems for them, and set up the situation for it to survive. The other regions of America are primitive because they never had a Vault Dweller to save their Tandi, or a Chosen one to stop their Enclave.

    There is also something to consider(note I didn't make the following up and am just repeating something I heard someone else say on a thread on 4-chan that I happen to agree with)

    Large portions of America, specifically the northern states like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, the Dakotas, etc. etc. historically have low populations due to isolation and harsh environments, even in the real world. Many of the towns up there aren't self sustaining, and would have quickly collapsed after an atomic war when local resources ran out. Everyone who didn't die in the war, or from the resulting radiation blanket, would have likely only had two options
    A. Become hunter-gatherer peoples living off the land, like the tribals we see everywhere.
    B. Flee their small towns with nothing in them and congregate around the nearest major metropolitan areas. We hear about this happening in places like Mexico City from Raul.
    This would have left large parts of America that are already historically empty even MORE empty, and thus far less able to recover/rebuild, as there simply isn't the people for it.

    When it comes to places like the four corners states, there is a similar, but also different, problem at play. Utah for example has 80%+ of its population in a small strip around and including Salt Lake City called the Wasatch front. Similarly, Arizona has something like 85%+ of its population contained in the cities of Phoenix and Tuson. Denver has like 60%+ of its population contained in the Denver metropolitan area. The rest of these states are just large stretches of nothing, with few valuable resources.

    We hear in Honest Hearts that Salt Lake City was completely obliterated by nukes, it was nuked so hard it made the great Salt Lake evaporated completely, and Denver was abandoned entirely for some reason(IIRC Van Buren said it was because of radiation). We know places like Vegas got 77 nukes sent at them, so imagine how bad places like Phoenix and Tuson got hit. The vast majority of these states populations, even more so then the rest of the U.S., would have been wiped out in the war, since they all resides in just a few cities.

    Any places that did survive with some level of civilization would have been largely self sufficient, and their closest civilized neighbor would have been so far away they likely wouldn't have even known that town exists, due to the hundreds of miles of desert between them, thus prohibiting any sort of alliance making to form any large nations.

    Also, we do hear about Tuscon surviving the war. Raul mentions living there before the Legion came, and it was some sort of civilized town. Sawyer also mentioned the Legion doesn't destroy the civilized towns they come across, they just rule over them, though those people aren't considered part of the Legion. So we know there was a few of them spread across Arizona and New Mexico before The Legion came.
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    Denver is due to the Limit-115, radiation and the dogs.
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    Fallout 2 had GNN transcripts though Avellone has said they were not canon.
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    That said, we are aware of occasional places which are at the very least civilized; Ronto, Abbey of the Road, Broken Banks. We also know there is a mining town in Montana, and where there is one there should be more.

    Furthermore If the game is not taking place somewhere, why would they mention the place? Surely if a game was to take place in Ohio, for example, they would make up the appropriate lore and factions to make the game interesting.
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    True, though the east coast does have an advantage over the north, Midwest, and 4 corners, areas due to the larger number of people and cities in a much smaller area. It makes sense there would be more post-war towns of sorts there then in the Legion's lands or w/e.

    Though given how people talk of Ronto, and the Broken Banks, I doubt they are really any more civilized then say The Commonwealth or The Capital Wasteland. Both probably have a central settlement akin to Megaton, or Diamond City, which has been around for 90-100+ years, and several smaller settlements that spring up and fade away over time in cycles.
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    Probably, hopefully not though. At least not Ronto, I have hopes that its at the very least a large city.
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    Assuming it still exists after Fallout 3.
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    It's "retcon" in the title, right?
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    Leave it to Bethesda to kill every interesting Idea they have in the stupidest way possible :lol:
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    I mean look at their portrayal of the Battle of Anchorage.
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    >Only mentioned twice with zero details about it given
    I guess nothing is your idea of interesting then?