Fallout 4 coming out on November 10, free mobile spin-off out now

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    Nov 2, 2013
    Btw, there are many casual gamers on the PC. in fact, now days, I am mostly a casual gamer... life tend to drag most of us down that path.. Also I don't know the stats, but I do know quite a few people from the USA, who has a console and aren't young, using the console an an entertainment center in their own house.
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    Gotta give them credit there, at least they had a sense of humor about it.
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    There are more younger console gamers then young PC gamers. Most people, especially younger people, can't afford to spend close to a thousand dollars for a decent rig so most go for the cheaper, 400 dollar alternative. Many publishers know this so they market mainly for console gamers.
  4. fred2

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    Nov 2, 2013
    Actually outside of USA, parts of Europe and few other place, the consoles are almost non existent. Here everyone has PCs\laptops(few Ipads)... while few import consoles, there is no quality service here nor second hand market for their games.

    But yes, the publishers know exactly where the money is, and they develop accordingly. iirc ME2 stats showed that about 50% never finished the game, and on average 15% of the dialogues were skipped... hence why we see all those experiments in Cinematic\VA\dialogues\structure to try and improve "immersion" which has been proven to increase enjoyment among the AAA audience.
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    I think everybody got a good laugh. I understand saving those caps involved a lot of college drinking.
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    Or Dumpster Diving.
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    Except you don't need a 1000-buck rig to play PC games. And I'd bet that only the small percentage of hardcore gamers who have to have all settings maxxed out does. An average laptop can handle a majority of games these days. And most younger people already have a PC in some shape or form for other tasks. I'd know, that's how I got into PC gaming as a teenager.

    Besides, I bet that the true "casual" gamers play stuff like candy crush and whatever other mobile/browser games. And that's on PC/mobile, not consoles.

    My theory for the "younger console gamers" is that 30-somethings buy them "for their kids" just so they can kick them out to play when the wife's not looking :D
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Gettign a good rig is not just for games.
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    Dec 29, 2014
    Making music/videos is more demanding for PC than gaming
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    And 3D Modelling/animating/rendering.
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    That's because people compare ALL console users with PC gamers.

    If you lets say compare the X-Box users with PC gamers or the Play Station gamers with PC users the numbers are much better. The PC is a platform like all the others, comparing it with ALL of them of course leaves the PC in a different light. That's what I always tell people when they talk about it, why don't they compare for example PC users and PS users with X-Box gamers? Of course the X-Box has much less players! Big surprise ... but that doesn't tell me anything about the platform. On the other side there are many companies which make good money with the PC for example. And even if your main is the console, which is absolutely fine by the way! That still is no excuse for shitty ports, not spending time on a working UI or the controlls even. Hell how many ports are out there where someone forgott that the PC has actually a keyboard and mouse ...

    Something that I have trouble to understand though is why people are so forgiving with Bethesda while other companies, even big ones, get roasted all the time. Particularly sometimes by their fans. Maybe it's because Bethesda games see so many mods? No clue.
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    In one word? Fanboys.

    same thing with Nintendo, I like their games but they have fucked up a LOT, specially recently. But don't ask the fanboys, to them Nintendo can't do no wrong. Even when peddling on disc DLC.
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    What on disc DLC are you referring too? I know with Mario Kart they didn't start working on it until the game was finished.
  14. Walpknut

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    Dec 30, 2010
    The one on Splatoon, you unlock it with Amiibos, which are more intrusive, expensive and hard to get than regular on disc dlc.There is also that feature on Super Smash where you can train your own character, but it also requires an individual amiibo for each character possible.
    I hope they keep amiibos away from my Pokeymans, those games have potential for amiibo abuse and I am pretty worried.
  15. TorontoReign

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    Nah the Amiibo stuff for Smash brothers is just for fun. Not DLC in the least bit. I don't know if you have played it, but the Amiibo training is more of a gimmick than a requirement. I feel for people if they have some compulsion to collect all the Amiibo's for whatever reason, but I have yet to see anything exclusive DLC wise that you really needed for the game to feel complete. That Splatoon example might fit the bill, but aside from that the Amiibo "DLC" are the least offensive examples of game developer holding back content have seen.

    I just realized this is all off topic so... :grin:
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    Jun 6, 2015
    Think of all the money Game Freak would rake in with 721 Pokmeon Amiibos though

    And that's not counting the protagonists, gym leaders, elite four, champions, professors, evil organizations...

    Easily 800 possible figures, at $7-$10 each...

    and people would by them by the truckload

    So many games nowadays are collect-a-thons...

    TF2, DOTA2, LoL, CS:GO...
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    This, so much this.

    The whole thing boils down to the media coverage, not the fans. And, in my opinion, Pete Hines does a hell of a job spinning the media, because they all love Bethesda! They even credit Bethesda for the development of games they didn't develop at all, like Dishonored and Thief4. I mean, what the hell?
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    Game Informer has some interesting info folks.

    "Fallout 4 is the most detailed, dense environment Bethesda has made to date. The world has so much content even game director Todd Howard hasn't seen everything in the game.

    • The extra graphical horsepower provided by the new console gave the team a tech backbone to iterate on its Creation engine and add more dynamic details. Physics-based rendering and volumetric lighting help create more atmosphere in the world, opening the game up to more environmental storytelling.

    • Fallout 4's narrative has a lot more branching paths and overlapping of "if that than this" than Fallout 3. They want the game to handle all the fail states of missions instead of forcing players to reload saves.

    • Boston and its surrounding regions offer more varied, vivid colors than Fallout 3, though the color palate still relies heavily on grays and browns in the blast zone where the nuke was detonated.

    • Fallout 4 has a full weather system that sends radiation storms across the world.

    • Bethesda has always valued player freedom above storytelling, but with Fallout 4 the team wants to bring more emotional resonance to the plot thread running through the game. This is why they chose to recruit voice actors for both the female and male protagonists the player can make their own.

    • Combat is receiving a major stimpak thanks to some consulting with id Software to improve the second-to-second shooting. Bethesda's goal? To have the shooting stand shoulder to shoulder with the other great options on the market. The studio even hired away some Bungie talent to help with this remodel. With the new, built-from-scratch shooting system, Howard says Fallout 4 plays much more like a modern shooter. You can aim down the sights, use V.A.T.S., and play in first or third person.

    • V.A.T.S. has received some slight overhauls. It no longer completely pauses the action, and critical shots are no longer random. If you look at the videos, you'll notice a "critical" bar on the bottom of the screen that the player fills. Once it is fully filled you can decide when to use it. Your luck skill determines how fast the bar increases, and there are perks that dig into how criticals work and how you use them.

    •Bethesda is tweaking the way auto-scaling works for Fallout 4 to create more challenge. "We call it rubberbanding; we'll have an area [where enemies scale from] level 5 to 10, and then this area will be level 30 and above," Howard says. "You'll run into stuff that will crush you, and you will have to run away."

    • Bethesda's proprietary Radiant A.I. and story system are also being used for your settlements to drive random encounters. It will determine if someone should be sent to your town, if raiders should attack the settlement or abduct your caravan, etc.

    • People will come to your settlement on their own but there are also others you can recruit.

    • A list of your settlements will appear in your PipBoy. You can send caravans between the various bases to get your supplies where you want them to be.

    • As you could see in the trailer, Fallout 4 introduces new modes of transportation in the form of the gunship, but Howard says they aren't doing cars or anything as well.

    • The workshop system is quite deep for weapons crafting. You can mix and match everything from scopes, muzzles, barrels, stocks, grips, and more. You can also scrap old weapons and use their parts for furthering the creation of your master weapon.

    • All the junk in the world you collect can now be used to build up your settlement and customize your weapons rather than be sold off. Because of these additional uses, Howard says he's noticed more playtesters hoarding items for customization rather than selling it off to merchants.

    • Companions have always played a role in Fallout games, and that extends into the new game as well. So far Bethesda has only shown off your trusty canine Dogmeat (who Howard confirmed will not be killed off in a cruel fashion) but expect to see several others as well.

    • The mod community has always been strong with Bethesda games. With Fallout 4 their creative ideas will reach beyond PC and into consoles. Modding tools are expected to become available on PC in early 2016, with Xbox One owners getting access to their creations shortly thereafter. Once the modding is thriving on these two platforms, Bethesda hopes to work on extending this content to PlayStation 4 as well, but Howard wasn't comfortable putting a timetable on that.

    • Howard says Bethesda has been advocating to get mods on Microsoft consoles since 2001. Its hope is to not curate the content much at all but have its ecosystem stay as close to the PC experience as possible.

    • When you play a modded version, the game will make a copy of your save file so your pure state game will be preserved."
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    Don't they say that with every new game released? I'm sure they said exactly the same thing when F3 was about to come out (and with Skyrim, I think)

    e: http://www.primagames.com/games/fallout-3/news/fallout-3-be-smaller-oblivion

    If id Software helped with combat system, I expect it to be a lot better, but what we saw in the gameplay doesn't look much different to me. Especially that cut where the raiders are rushing into player's town and are killed by the guard, it looks just as poor as in F3.
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    Yeah, when the Bethesda hype machine switches to overdrive, what you need is wheelbarrows of salt, since pinches won't cut it anymore! Whenever I hear Toddy or Hiney start promising things, I'm always reminded of this old thing http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/which-oblivion-dev-lied-the-most.15427/.