So, who's excited for The Frontier

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    See, this is the problem with a lot of superhero movies today is that nearly every superhero movie has a plot where the bad guy wants to destroy the world and the good guys have to stop him/her. I mean, we have to put the Earth at stake or the dumb popcorn eating masses won't be invested in the story. Seeing this kind of plot in mods leads me to believe that this is a symptom of modern pop culture.
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    You're right. But I guess it's simply easier to write a setting about the world ending and setting the stakes right from the start to such an extreme level.

    If your goal is to create a more personal story it means you have to well somehow achieve the reader/viewer/player to be actually engaged in your story - like John Wick where he goes on a vendetta for his killed dog because it was one of the few things he still had from his dead wife. Someone else also mentioned Apocalypse Now. But if that is your goal it means you have to manage to get your audience to care about the characters. And that's rather difficult to achieve. You actually need some writing skills to do that, establish the characters, take your time with the setting. Otherwise you risk that it simply comes of as cliche. It's simply harder to do than to simply point in a direction and say, this bad guy, bad guy wants to kill planet cuz he crazy. Better kill him!
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    From what was shown I expect:
    • a fun worldspace to explore
    • a clunky Main Quest, that still has a lot of branching and roleplaying (just like New California)
    • some Bethesda-tier head scratchers
    • forced vehicle sections (Courier, get in the tank and kill those 5 guys)
    • outdated Easter Eggs (what dead memes from 2014 made it into the mod?)
    • varying quality of side quests- anything between amazing and Kill, Loot, Return
    • Some retarded twist about the base game story
    I guess we'll see in less than a month looking at release date.
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    Always with the twist. This was the biggest problem with New California. For some reason mod authors of these big mods think that they have to have some kind of twist or else the mod won't be memorable. Again, this is another symptom of today's pop culture. Sometimes, you don't need a twist to make a story memorable. Because sometimes a story shouldn't have a twist. Do I really need to bring up Mass Effect 3?
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    Apr 7, 2017
    Honestly, i have become increasingly numb to the whole "the stakes have to be that someone wants to destroy the world", so i roll my eyes now everytime something does that for their climax.
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    The frosted Wasteland thing is kinda weird considering Fallout 2 takes place not that far to the south of the Frontier (about 20 days of walking in Fallout fast-travel terms). I feel like it would have made more sense setting wise up by Seattle, but then maybe that's too unbelievable for an NCR-Legion conflict (lol)
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    I'm honestly expecting a technically impressive mod with good scripting but terrible writing. The faction run down alone makes little to no sense considering the time frame the mod is set in.

    for examples:
    Caesar sends an expeditionary force to Oregon to threaten NCR borders before the second battle of hoover dam. This makes little sense as Caesar was diverting so many forces to fight the second battle that it would leave the entire East undefended if he won. In addition to this, by threatening the border of the NCR they'd effectively ruin one of their main advantages where the NCR is being underfunded due to fighting an unpopular foreign war. A preemptive invasion would make the NCR care a little more and bring down the insane manpower it truly has. But worse of all is that the leader of the small expeditionary force manages to subjugate as many tribals as Lanius did with far less men and his ultimate plan is to show Caesar in hopes Caesar pats him on the back for being a good boy.

    All of the NCR forces at Helios One are conscripted and for some reason Kimball promises to send them all home after the battle even though this would cause massive unrest across the rest of the conscripted Mojave forces. Naturally, Kimball reneges on that promise but for some reason the general of the forces that were at Helios One doesn't understand why and decides to leave. Somehow the NCR doesn't stop or make it a priority to stop the massive army going rogue behind their lines even though it'd be a huge strategic concern to just let them walk. So the exiled NCR forces make it to Oregon where their plan is to wait until Kimball is out of office in hopes of a pardon but in the meanwhile fight the heckin legion up there because apparently their decision not to fight anymore was just a spur of the moment kind of deal.

    A brotherhood of steel paladin escapes from the battlefield of Helios One, not being caught by the NCR and not knowing where the brotherhood could have possibly gone. She walks all the way to New Canaan and learns mormonism. Then she sees New Canaan get destroyed. Her militant brotherhood doctrine combines with mormonism to create a new religion about crusading. She uses medieval crusader iconography on her new outfits and sets out to Oregon for some reason to conquer religious cities. Besides being a Joshua Graham rip off and having irrational events in general, this one is the most plausible lore wise.

    There's also generic slavers which is fine. A one off location about snake people getting high in a sewer which is kind of dumb but people focus more on that then the headache above which is strange.
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    That would pretty a pretty neat plot for a questline or DLC or so if it wasn't just so easily comparable to Honest Hearts. I guess they were just working with in game assets and ideas that were already familiar to people. Put this somewhere else in the US and it could get pretty cool.

    Everything else you said does sound a bit silly. But that's expected of these I guess.
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    I don’t get why people are bothered by the fact that the Legion is in Oregon. I’m sure Caesar got on the radio soon after the war and recruited every ex-Roman soldier into his organization. There are probably Legion chapters all over America.
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