It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down.

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  1. Practicat

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    Aug 25, 2014
    It helps one to realize that they're primarily sandbox developers, and after that, they coat their sandboxes with light RPG elements, which of course does not suit a series like Fallout. Their writing may not be strong or innovative, but they are capable of more choice and consequence. After Fallout 4, it should be clear they purposely choose not to do that because it's not as much of a priority to them as creating sandboxes.

    This is of course unfortunate, and I would have loved to see Bethesda draw inspiration from New Vegas, for instance. This is also kind of comforting, because I don't need to wonder much about whether Bethesda will make a great RPG. I know it's extremely likely it won't happen, and I've accepted that.
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    Jun 25, 2014
    Unfortunately, not many people have enough sense to realize this.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    Good news for all Godd Howard acolytes - there's already a mod on the Nexus that lets you get your in-game shrine to His Toddness off to a proper start.

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    Jun 15, 2015
    In breaking news my faith in the human race has dropped significantly. More at 11! :evil:
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    Nov 13, 2015
    This has actually helped me find some good amount of enjoyment from Fallout 4. I basically tune out the voiced protagonist and just go around the world like I used to and it is a good exploration game. There are lots of little stories to be uncovered through exploration and reading, which I am definitely glad to see they didn't remove. The second my main character opens his mouth though immersion breaks :(
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    Aug 17, 2015
    The fuck... :confused:
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    Sep 11, 2010

    95 total downloads out of 2,675 page views. Just sayin'.
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    Nov 5, 2015
    Point taken, but I have to counter that a lot of FO4 players may not be aware there are any mods at all being released yet, and the real fanatic Toddlickers seem to be the noobs to the franchise, who may not even know the Nexus exists yet. Let's revisit those DL numbers in a month or so. :)

    I really, really hope those 95 people who actually downloaded that do not include anyone I know. I'd have to re-evaluate the whole choosing my friends thing.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    Heh, it just got its first endorsement.
  10. Stone Cold Robert House

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    Jul 6, 2015
    Hell man, I gave Skyrim's storytelling a lot of shit at release, but even that is golden compared to Fallout 4 in terms of choice, character agency, plots, etc. How does the design philosophy of the creative department get so much worse if not through a deliberate choice to make everything less intelligent, less complex? Fallout 4's writing is absolutely inane and I don't understand how so many people can be praising Bethesda for their "attention to detail" or "innovative worldbuilding" when all I see is the opposite in all areas.
  11. Irwin John Finster

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    Nov 13, 2015
    In my opinion someone made the decision to go for a wider audience and make it a shooter. They even bragged in marketing how it was taking inspiration from Destiny. That would have been great if they put as much time and energy into making it a role-playing game as well.

    I saw a lot of people completely new to Fallout being excited for the new game and I think that is why Bethesda is getting a lot of praise - it's from new players that don't know what has been removed from what was once a role-playing game.

    Unfortunately, true RPGs are now niche titles for minority audiences. Even worse, Fallout 3's lesser amount of RPG characteristics are now niche as well - the average video game consumer simply can't be asked to invest themselves even in Fallout 3's role playing characteristics let alone Morrowind or Fallout 1 and 2.

    So what we are left with is a lot of new players believing Fallout 4 is the deepest game ever created. The same happened with Skyrim, a game with such shallow characterization relative to Oblivion and Morrowind.
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    Nov 12, 2015
    On a side note, from what perspective should I play komm susser tod when l look at fallout 4? Sorry for going off topic.
  13. Askorti


    Jun 30, 2015
    Comments though:
    "Tell me those sweet little lies, Todd"

    "Put this above the toilet in my bathroom in my house

    Lord Todd now watches me s*** "

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    Nov 8, 2012
    Have you been to church? :confused: From the sound of it, all god wants is your money.
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    Jun 15, 2015
    Hehehe.:newevil: It seems that Beth fanboys are starting to go into a meltdown now. They can't seem to admit that Beth fucked up and hard.
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    May 6, 2007
    Tnere's only one Lord and his name is Gaben.
  17. Askorti


    Jun 30, 2015
    But is he in th-... Thr-... THREE persons? ;p
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    Jan 11, 2004
    I am sure from his size that he ate three people, mistaking them for donuts or something.
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    Jul 16, 2009
    Wow, 86~88 Metacritic? I'm really surprised, even though I doubt it will have any real impact on sales. Still, I wonder if this will impact their decisions for TES6 and FO5.

    What? :confused: Bioshock Infinite went ridicously overbudget and if take Two didn't sent Rod Fergusson to rein Levine in the game would have risked to be released who-knows-when (the game was released only six months before the launch of the PS4/XB1). And then, despite all the time and money spent on it, it sold "only" 3.7 millions in the first two months, while cheaper projects sold more (Borderlands 2, NBA2K13). I have a really hard time taking Levine's parting message at face value.
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    Aug 17, 2015
    Don't mention that robbery.